Why b2lease


 - Reliable partner within your region

Beerens group can rely on a broad experience within the automotive branch. Our strong regional connection is an extra asset in our business, because it enables us to continuously and quickly respond to current trends in the mobility market.

 - Large discounts

We buy huge volumes, both new vehicles and nearly new second hand vehicles. As a result, we can guarantee the highest discounts.

 - Speedy delivery

Because B2Lease mainly supplies from its own stock, a speedy delivery is almost always possible. In addition, we take care of the import, technical clearance, registration and preparation of the vehicle.

 - Flexible methods of financing

At B2Lease you can choose from a wide range of financing methods. Within the lease product we both offer the traditional full-service leasing as flexible renting solutions according to your professional needs. In both instances, you can include additional services (maintenance, tyres, insurance,…). Private individuals can also come to B2Lease for a Private Lease offer.

 - Flexible contract modifications

The current legislation on environmental issues and car related taxation gives rise to a increased uncertainty and makes the decisions relating to your car park considerably more difficult. You do not wish to get caught in a long term choice. Within B2Lease we make the switch between short and long term rental and other contract modifications easier and above all cheaper.

 - All-in-one solution

Benefit from a contract that includes all the various services. This is how you avoid loss of time as a result of separate negotiations with service providers. Moreover, you can get a better grip on your car related costs. B2Lease covers for the operational risks, of which loss on residual value is the most important one.

 - Personal contact

At B2Lease we prefer working in direct communication with our customer. No anonymous customer support department but local people who know you by name and face and that are at your service for every kind of question or problem. We guarantee a quick response and take your matters to heart.

 - Customized advice

We are a leasing company of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That is why we do not push you in a certain direction, but carefully listen to your wishes and come up with a simple, clear and cost efficient solution. Exactly what you, as an entrepreneur and customer, expect of us.